New Mebius hybrid does 62mpg

Mebius S Tourer HybridDaihatsu have launched their new Mebius hybrid — which does an impressive 62mpg.
The Mebius S Tourer was produced with the help of Toyota as part of of a deal between the two Japanese manufacturers to boost production of environmentally-friendly cars.
It has a 1.8liter hybrid engine and produces very little drag due to state-of-the-art aerodynamics.

The five-seater has plenty of room inside, with a trunk that can hold 535liters when all the seats are full — the equivalent of four golf bags.
Due to its environmentally-friendly nature the two-wheel-drive Mebius S Tourer hybrid will be exempt from car tax in a string of countries around the world.
Prices will start at around $24,000 (2,350,000 Japanese Yen).

Main Details of Daihatsu Mebius hybrid:


Displacement (cc): 1797

Max. output (kW[PS]/rpm): 73[99]/5,200

Max. torque (N•m[kgf•m]/rpm): 142[14.5]/4,000


Max. output (kW[PS]/): 60[82]

Max. torque (N•m[kgf•m]: 207[21.1]

Overall system:

Max. output (kW[PS]/): 100[136]


Nickel metal hydride (NiMH)