Hilarious Jurassic Park car chase spoof

A spoof video of the car chase scene from Jurassic Park has become an internet hit.

Web jokers Jesse and Jeana, from the popular YouTube channel Prank vs Prank, developed the video in partnership with movie giant Universal to help promote the new Jurassic Park 3D film.

It sees them recreate the car chase scene from Jurassic Park, complete with vibrating cups of water, as they are chased by a cat dressed in a dinosaur costume.

The tongue-in-cheek video sees the pair’s car shrunk before they race around the floor of their garage chased by the cat, before it runs off with a ball of wool that topples of a table.

Jesse triumphantly says: “I think we lost him!”

The video, part of Jesse and Jeana’s BF vs GF vlog, also features a section on how the film was made.