Bulls chase driver through city streets…truckin’ hell!

A 12-tonne Volvo truck is chased through the streets of a Spanish city by a herd of BULLS in a new promotional video to show how good the vehicle’s handling is.

The Volvo FL is painted red before the bulls are let out of an enclosure and try to chase the truck and 50 runners down as they twists and turns through the narrow lanes of Ciudad Rodrigo, near Salamanca in the west of the country.

Oscar-nominated director Henry Alex Rubin fitted 28 cameras to the truck and street corners to capture the event live.

Amazingly the truck, driven by Rob Hunt, comes out scratch free despite some very near misses, allowing Volvo to use the tongue-in-cheek pay-off line “No trucks were harmed in the making of this video”.

Rob said: “The town is old, the streets are narrow and we drive on slippery cobblestones. To be chased by bulls on top of that is a real challenge. The bulls maintained a consistently high speed and were really close sometimes, but the truck handled the corners very well so it was just a matter of driving. There was a whole lot happening, but the truck helped me the whole way.

“The biggest risk was that we were in a town. It was live and we had to make sure that it was safe for both people and animals. With the big rear mirrors I had a good view of the bulls and the bull runners behind me so I could keep a good safe distance. And the automated gearbox made it easy to focus on the driving. It’s incredible that you can get a truck this size through a town this small.”

A video was also made from behind-the-scenes footage about how the film was made.

A total of 50 runners and a crew of 250 people took part in the filming, watched by hundreds of local spectators.

After the run the bulls were retired to a farm outside Guadalajara, near the Spanish capital Madrid.

Other pretty-cool films made by Volvo Trucks to promote their vehicles include The Hamster Stunt, The Hook, and The Ballerina Stunt.

More are said to be in the pipeline.